Litter announcement later this coming winter.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Another year draws to an end...

Well 2013 is almost over. It has been a rather quiet year in some ways, but busy too. A new roof, new jobs, new vehicles, new friends and reconnecting with a few old ones again. A new adventure for a family member and looking ahead to 2014 I think it's going to be one of the most promising in a long while ...lots to be Thankful for !! 
I am excited to get the new ventures underway. 
Happy Holidays !!! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dog tales...

On a group I belong to we have been sharing our favorite dog reads lately and it got me thinking it would be good to do that here too. So I will share the suggestions my fellow group members made and please feel free to add your favorites into the comment section. 
I will add them too. 

My friend PP suggested the following dog books by Susan Conant. They are apparently investigative novels and are written from the perspective of a dog-show enthusiast who also trains in obedience and somehow
frequently finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation which she and her dogs solve. PP goes on to say that they are quite humerous.

Titles of some of her books include:
Stud Rites
Ruffly Speaking
Gone To he Dogs
Paws Before Dying
Black Ribbon
Creature Discomforts

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Friday, October 25, 2013



It was a cool afternoon here so we decided to do some baking to pass the time. Happy Halloween !! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Chinese Crested Club of Canada held its Annual National Specialty here in Halifax for the first time ever this year and we are thrilled to say our girl Terra the Terrible, CH Ladyday Windwater Poarott was selected Best of Breed by Judge Lee Steeves !!

Thank you to everyone who helped us prepare that day and to Terra's breeders Michelle Bateman of Ladyday Kennel and Shauna Grey of WindWater Kennels for sending her to us when she was just a teen with attitude ! 
I would also like to congratulate my fellow Chinese Crested Club of Canada members on their wins !! It was a fun show !! 

Catching Up

Well it has been too long since I posted on here but I am going to try and correct that ! The dogs are all doing well and have had a busy summer !!
 Our handsome boy Peyton, CH The Quarterback N'Co finished earlier this spring and will now relax for the winter and grow in his mature coat. 
Hows that for a dead level top line while on the move ? he was trotting up to the back deck on his own when I snapped this. 

Our new logo was prepared this spring by my step daughter:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Days

We are enjoying a relatively light snow winter here in Nova Scotia so far however the cold has been bitter. The dogs are only going out for short runs and straight back in to curl up by the heat. I am keeping busy with my glass work, lots of bread baking, making time for old friends I had lost touch with and of course the dogs. We are looking forward to the warmer weather, a new focus and more time with some wonderful supportive friends. They have been great in helping me deal with a harassing person and I appreciate their coming to me, supporting me and showing me how to deal with this. I am excited to get going this summer !!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

CAN CH Seafoam's Naked N Nauti

We are very pleased to announce that our homegrown girl Seafoam's Naked N Nauti, now owned by Suzelle & Ernest of WinTales Kennel, is now a new Canadian Champion. She finished her pts in style with two back to back group 4ths. I knew she would turn into a beautiful TRUE hairless girl one day and she certainly has.

About us

Seafoam Cresteds, so that we may carry on the kennel name my parents started in 1985. We are excited about continuing this kennel tradition.

We are located in beautiful Nova Scotia. From our front door to the ocean is about a 10 minute drive. This blog is our 'home' on the web for now. I find it easier to add quick updates & pics. I have to admit our cresteds are spoiled rotten. We do not have kennels, our dogs sleep in our beds and have the run of the house. They enjoy following me about as I go from room to room. They are great foot warmers but they are also show dogs.

I'm a second generation dog show nut and I've been involved with dogs since 1983 when my parents bought their first show Collie. They went on to buy their show dogs from one of the top collie kennels at the time Nationview. With a blue merle named Kerrie and a tri called Tega, they traveled around the Maritimes and to ON to shows for many years. Eventually they moved on to Beardies and then attended Crufts and came home with their name on the waiting list for a pup from a PBGV kennel they saw while there. Years later they are still owned by two wonderful PBGV's and a Tibetan Terrier.

We are a registered member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club and belong to the Chinese Crested Club of Canada.

For the dogs safety, we do not accept 'drop ins' , please make an appointment.

Health testing done annually.
Eventually we may have a litter but are happy just to show and enjoy the breed for now.
Please feel free to leave us a comment or lets me know I'm not typing away to myself.

Any questions just send us an

About the Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Temperament

The Chinese Crested is a small dog with plenty of love and affection to give, and a real love of human company. The Chinese Crested is a dog that is for those with plenty of time to commit and dedicate to their pet, as breed does not like to be neglected. The Chinese Crested has plenty of spirit and is cheerful, playful, and lively. He is also alert, intelligent, and inquisitive, and is quick to learn, although he can be very independent and strong willed. The Chinese Crested loves to climb, play, and perform tricks, and he is very fond of spending time with his owners to the point where he has become known by some as a 'velcro dog'.

The Chinese Crested gets on well with older, considerate children that will be gentle with him, and he also gets along with other pets, although he can sometimes get a little jealous. When it comes to strangers he can be a little reserved and timid. The gentle and bright nature of the Chinese Crested makes him well suited to inexperienced dog owners as well as more experienced owners. It is important that the Chinese Crested is socialized early on. With effective training and early socialization the Chinese Crested can make a great little companion dog and pet.

Chinese Crested Appearance

A little dog, the Chinese Crested comes in two varieties, which include the hairless variety and the powder puff variety. The hairless variety, as the name suggests, has no hair on the body and a crest of silky hair around the head and on the feet and tail, giving it a very elegant and unusual look. The hairless variety is a good choice for those that suffer from allergies. The powder puff variety has long, silky hair all over, which is straight on the outside and soft and silky on the undercoat. The Chinese Crested has an alert and inquisitive expression, and is a very elegant and graceful dog. The weight of the Chinese Crested is around 10-15 pounds, and the height is 11-15 inches.

Chinese Crested Grooming

Grooming will depend on whether you have the hairless or powder puff variety. The hairless simply needs to have a small amount of oil or lotion massaged into the skin to keep it in good condition. The powder puff variety will need to be brushed and combed once or twice a week.

Some Chinese crested dogs are allergic to wool and lanolin.


Nov 27,1921-Jan 24,2009